Hi, I’m Yana!

I write about and manage projects that make the world a healthier, happier and better place to live whilst traveling full time in my van.

Great that our paths have crossed – I’m looking forward to meet you!

I’m a content, communication and event strategist with a passion for social impact and sustainability.

I share my passion for food system innovation, purpose-driven entrepreneurship and personal development through writing compelling content, setting up communication strategies and organizing events and workshops.

Are you a value-driven entrepreneur, non-profit or business? Then I’m excited to meet you.

Yana is a communication and content strategist

Yana is a project manager

Yana is a presenter of lectures

As a full-time digital nomad, I’m currently traveling through Europe while living and working in my camper van. Curious about a location independent lifestyle and my adventures on the road? Keep track of me on Instagram or on my blog! I’m always up to write or give talks about this adventurous – and often challenging – lifestyle on the road.